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PCP Bridge NOCP 2011 program

KPS Medic Ltd is pleased to announce a new partnership that will enhance the level of education opportunities to our EMS customers in Saskatchewan.  Starting in Nov. 2014, KPS Medic will be partnering with Saskatoon Institute for Medical Simulation (SIMS) to offer the PCP upgrade NOCP 2011   The program has been approved with Saskatchewan College of Paramedics, and offers a unique style of learning. 

The program is delivered in three sections that will integrate a modular learning experience with medical simulation.  This will increase the confidence and experience of the learners.
1.        Didactic / On-line Training
·         Participants will be given access to on-line training modules and learning resources
·         In-class presentations to solidify on-line training
·         Interactive in-class and on-line learning opportunities
·         On-going written evaluations and interactive assessments of knowledge and skills
·         Access to faculty for the duration of the program
2.        Lab and Simulation Training – In Prince Albert
·         Provision and set-up of all equipment and materials necessary for training
·         In-class access to the Laerdal Virtual IV
·         Access to in-class IV task trainers of various age representations and degrees of difficulty
·         Provision of a experienced faculty to facilitate labs and scenarios
3.        Clinical Practicum as required
·         SIMS will organize field/hospital/clinic practicum’s for participants
As per the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics standards, all current PCPs will be require to upgrade to the NOCP 2011 standards by June 2019.  
For more information and start dates please contact Karyn at
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