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Stay Safe (Staying Home Alone)

Course Name
Stay Safe (Staying Home Alone)
Course Description
Developed for ages 9-13.  How to stay safe when without the supervision of a parent, guardian, or trusted adult, both at home and within the community
• The importance of responsibility and respect while being accountable for yourself.
• The importance of setting and following rules around safety when staying on your own.
• How to prepare for, recognize and respond to unexpected situations (e.g.s inclement weather, strangers, and unanticipated visits).
• First Aid Content: Check, Call, Care (includes phoning EMS/911), recovery position, choking (adult/child/alone), asthma (includes use of inhaler and spacer), anaphylaxis (includes use of Epinephrine Autoinjector, minor cuts and scrapes, splinters, nosebleeds, bumps and bruises, life-threatening external bleeding, burns, illness, poisons and insect stings, first aid kit
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