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Blended Learning First Aid and CPR

Course Name
Blended Learning First Aid and CPR
Course Description
The Canadian Red Cross blended delivery provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to help sustain life and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until advanced medical help arrives. This program offers a choice of Standard First Aid (SFA), Emergency First Aid (EFA), and CPR/AED courses to meet the various training needs of those in workplace, school or community settings. The content and activities will help participants identify and respond to potentially hazardous conditions, recognize emergencies and make appropriate decisions for first aid care. The blended learning courses are designed to be flexible to meet the various needs of course participants.

Each blended learning course is divided into two components. Participants must first complete the self-paced online component, which includes the written knowledge evaluations, then successfully complete an Instructor-led classroom component (skills practice and evaluation session) in order to achieve certification. Participants should complete the classroom component within six weeks of completing the online component. 
Course Length
Online and self-paced, and Classroom Practical - 8hrs

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