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WHMIS - Elearning

Course Name
WHMIS - Elearning
Course Description
This online training is developed by the Canadian Red Cross

WHIMIS Online is a comprehensive course which meets the legislated general WHMIS training 
requirements for both federal and provincial/territorial workplaces. It is appropriate for workers, 
supervisors, and managers, educating participants about all aspects of WHMIS including product labels, MSDSs, and workplace responsibilities. Interactive online exercises engage learners and reinforce key concepts, while mandatory testing ensures that individuals have retained the required knowledge. 
Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: 
1.) Know the essential role WHMIS plays in protecting the health and safety of workers
2.) Understand the WHMIS responsibilities of suppliers, employers, and workers 
3.) Recognize the WHMIS hazard symbols and the risks posed by products carrying those symbols 
4.) Explain the workplace requirements related to the use of supplier labels and workplace labels 
and know how to locate and interpret the information found on these labels 
6.) Recognize the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) as the primary source of detailed information 
about a controlled product and know how to locate specific information in an MSDS 
7.) Identify exempt products, partially-exempt products and exceptions to WHMIS 
The course is presented in 6 modules. Each includes mandatory testing. Participants must pass all tests in order to complete the course. Those who do not pass a test must review module content and re-test until a passing grade is obtained. Questions are randomly selected from a test bank to ensure that each testing experience is unique. Upon successful completion of all modules, participants can download and print a Certificate of Completion which includes their name and the date of training.
Note: To comply with legislated requirements, employers must also provide workplace-specific orientation so that workers know the specific controlled products in their workplace, are aware of the hazards associated with those products, and know how to use, handle, store, and dispose of specific products safely 
Recertification is also available

This course meets the legislated worker training requirements for all federal workplaces and for 
provincial workplaces in all provinces and territories. 
Course Length
Online and self-paced, can leave the course at anytime and resume later. Average timeline for completion is 2-3hrs.

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